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June 6-12 - Best Room Availability of the Summer
Great Selection of Most Room Types, including Choice 1...
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March 15-27 - Spring Family Vacations
Celebrate SPRING with a FUN, FAMILY Trip to the...
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Fun Beach Vacations July 18-24
Simply Relaxing and Fun.  Charming and Affordable...
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March 15-27 - Spring Family Vacations Rates From:
$85 - $123
Celebrate SPRING with a FUN, FAMILY Trip to the Tropical Manor. Spend Quality Time with Your Family at the Beach and Relax and Play in Our Heated OceanFRONT Pool and KIDDIE Pool. Have a barbecue at our oceanfront cookout area and challenge your chi
Offer Valid: Mar 15, 15 - Mar 27, 15
Celebrate EASTER at the Tropical Manor - 3/28 - 4/5 Rates From:
$80 - $290
Enjoy Special Times with Family and the Celebrate the JOY of Easter. Relax in the Glorious Sunshine and Have Fun in our Heated OceanFRONT Pool and Kiddie Pool. Great Selection of Family-Friendly 1 Bedroom Suites and Adorable Garden View Cottages wi
Offer Valid: Mar 28, 15 - Apr 05, 15
April 6-30 - Warm and Wonderful Spring Vacations at the Beach Rates From:
$75 - $290
Ahhhh! This is what you have been waiting for all winter! Spring is here and you can't wait to get to the beach. Rediscover all the fun of a classic beach vacation at your new favorite getaway - the Tropical Manor!

Spring OceanFRONT Studio #27

Offer Valid: Apr 06, 15 - Apr 30, 15
10% Off Marvelous May Rates May 1-21 Rates From:
$72 - $261
Start Your Summer Off with a Splash and Special Savings May 1-21! All Rates which display on our website for May 1-21 are 10% off our Spring/Summer Rates. YOUR Family can hardly wait to come back to the Tropical Manor This Summer! Place Your Reser
Offer Valid: May 01, 15 - May 21, 15
Celebrate Memorial Day at the Tropical Manor! Rates From:
$80 - $290
Gather your friends and family to celebrate our great country and our veterans this Memorial Day.
Offer Valid: May 22, 15 - May 24, 15
May 25 - 29 - Sandy Toes and Summer Smiles Rates From:
$80 - $150
Discover YOUR Favorite Beach Getaway at the Tropical Manor this Summer!
Offer Valid: May 25, 15 - May 29, 15
May 30 - June 5 - Classic Family Beach Vacation Rates From:
$80 - $315
Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy a Fun, Family Beach Vacation at the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: May 30, 15 - Jun 05, 15
June 6-12 - Best Room Availability of the Summer Rates From:
$80 - $128
Great Selection of Most Room Types, including Choice 1 Bedroom Suites, Charming Cottages, Very Economical Studios, and Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment for All Family Sizes, and Budgets. Place Your Reservation Now. YOUR Family Will Love It Here!
Offer Valid: Jun 06, 15 - Jun 12, 15
June 13-19 - Your Family Beach Vacation Awaits You Rates From:
$80 - $315
Relax at the pool, build sandcastles on the beach, watch the seagulls fly by. You can't wait to come back to the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Jun 13, 15 - Jun 19, 15
June 20-26 - Warm Sun and Sandy Smiles Rates From:
$80 - $145
Just What You and Your Family Need! A Special Place to get a way from it all and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.
Offer Valid: Jun 20, 15 - Jun 26, 15
Your Favorite Beach Getaway - the Tropical Manor! Rates From:
$85 - $160
THIS is what Summer Was Meant to Be! Relaxing by the pool, playing with your children on the beach at the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Jun 27, 15 - Jul 03, 15
4th of July Holiday Week Rates From:
$94 - $99
God Bless the USA! Celebrate the 4th of July holiday week at the Tropical Manor. Call us Directly at 866-420-9882 as Additional Rooms May Be Available for these dates.
Offer Valid: Jul 04, 15 - Jul 10, 15
July 11-17 - Celebrate the Joys of a Classic Beach Vacation Rates From:
$94 - $99
Relax in a lounge chair and watch the pelicans and seagulls fly by. Try out new float in the pool. Have a barbecue with your family by the ocean. Very Affordable Rooms are still available for your Summer Beach Getaway to the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Jul 11, 15 - Jul 17, 15
Fun Beach Vacations July 18-24 Rates From:
$88 - $121
Simply Relaxing and Fun. Charming and Affordable Tropical Manor Guestrooms and Studios for Fun Beach Getaways.
Offer Valid: Jul 18, 15 - Jul 24, 15
July 25-31 - Beach Bliss Rates From:
$88 - $132
Great Choice for Couples - Cute and Cozy Studios and Value Rooms with King Beds at Super Affordable Rates.
Offer Valid: Jul 25, 15 - Jul 31, 15
August 1-7 - Sandy Summer Smiles Rates From:
$80 - $123
You Can't Wait to Get Back to the Beach! Think of all the fun you will have building sandcastles on the beach, jumping in the waves, and taking a nap in the sun by our pool. Ahhh!
Offer Valid: Aug 01, 15 - Aug 07, 15
Get Away to the Beach Before Going Back to School Rates From:
$80 - $155
There's still time to enjoy a Family Vacation at the Beach this Summer! Incredible Selection of Family-Friendly Rooms at Very Affordable Rates.
Offer Valid: Aug 08, 15 - Aug 14, 15
Aug 15 - Sep 3 - Don't Let Summer Pass You By Rates From:
$80 - $286
There's Still Time for Your Trip to the Tropical Manor! Almost all your Favorite Rooms are available - or find a new favorite!
Offer Valid: Aug 15, 15 - Sep 03, 15
Celebrate Labor Day at the Tropical Manor Rates From:
$80 - $286
Enjoy one of Your Favorite Holidays and a Classic Beach Vacation at the Tropical Manor!
Offer Valid: Sep 04, 15 - Sep 07, 15
Money-Saving Fabulous Fall Rates Start Sept 8! Rates From:
$65 - $220
You've Been Waiting for FALL to arrive to Enjoy the Tropical Manor at a QUIETER TIme of the Year. Warm weather and Peaceful Serenity Awaits You. Take Time to Refresh and Rejuvenate at the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Sep 08, 15 - Oct 14, 15
Biketoberfest October 15-17 Rates From:
$112 - $188
Enjoy the Excitement and Fun of Biketoberfest at the Tropical Manor! Close to the Action. Very Affordable Collection of Guestrooms for All Travel Budgets. Free Parking for 1 motorcycle and 1 20-foot trailer per guestroom reserved. Free High-Speed
Offer Valid: Oct 15, 15 - Oct 17, 15
Peaceful Beach Bliss October 18 - November 30 Rates From:
$65 - $220
Take Time for Yourself This Fall! A relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the beach will calm your mind and enliven your spirit. The simplicity and peacefulness of the Tropical Manor is just what you need.
Offer Valid: Oct 18, 15 - Nov 30, 15
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