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Check In Date
4th of July Holiday Week
God Bless the USA!  Celebrate the 4th of July...
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August 1-7 - Sandy Summer Smiles
You Can't Wait to Get Back to the Beach!  Think of...
Rooms From
April 6-30 - Warm and Wonderful Spring Vacations at the Beach
Ahhhh!  This is what you have been waiting for all...
Rooms From
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April 6-30 - Warm and Wonderful Spring Vacations at the Beach Rates From:
$80 - $240
Ahhhh! This is what you have been waiting for all winter! Spring is here and you can't wait to get to the beach. Rediscover all the fun of a classic beach vacation at your new favorite getaway - the Tropical Manor!

Spring OceanFRONT Studio #27

Offer Valid: Apr 06, 15 - Apr 30, 15
10% Off Marvelous May Rates May 1-21 Rates From:
$72 - $261
Start Your Summer Off with a Splash and Special Savings May 1-21! All Rates which display on our website for May 1-21 are 10% off our Spring/Summer Rates. YOUR Family can hardly wait to come back to the Tropical Manor This Summer! Place Your Reser
Offer Valid: May 01, 15 - May 21, 15
Celebrate Memorial Day at the Tropical Manor! Rates From:
$80 - $290
Gather your friends and family to celebrate our great country and our veterans this Memorial Day.
Offer Valid: May 22, 15 - May 24, 15
May 25 - 29 - Sandy Toes and Summer Smiles Rates From:
$80 - $150
Discover YOUR Favorite Beach Getaway at the Tropical Manor this Summer!
Offer Valid: May 25, 15 - May 29, 15
May 30 - June 5 - Classic Family Beach Vacation Rates From:
$80 - $315
Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy a Fun, Family Beach Vacation at the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: May 30, 15 - Jun 05, 15
June 6-12 - Best Room Availability of the Summer Rates From:
$80 - $128
Great Selection of Most Room Types, including Choice 1 Bedroom Suites, Charming Cottages, Very Economical Studios, and Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment for All Family Sizes, and Budgets. Place Your Reservation Now. YOUR Family Will Love It Here!
Offer Valid: Jun 06, 15 - Jun 12, 15
June 13-19 - Your Family Beach Vacation Awaits You Rates From:
$80 - $315
Relax at the pool, build sandcastles on the beach, watch the seagulls fly by. You can't wait to come back to the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Jun 13, 15 - Jun 19, 15
June 20-26 - Warm Sun and Sandy Smiles Rates From:
$80 - $145
Just What You and Your Family Need! A Special Place to get a way from it all and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.
Offer Valid: Jun 20, 15 - Jun 26, 15
Your Favorite Beach Getaway - the Tropical Manor! Rates From:
$85 - $132
THIS is what Summer Was Meant to Be! Relaxing by the pool, playing with your children on the beach at the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Jun 27, 15 - Jul 03, 15
4th of July Holiday Week Rates From:
$94 - $99
God Bless the USA! Celebrate the 4th of July holiday week at the Tropical Manor. Call us Directly at 866-420-9882 as Additional Rooms May Be Available for these dates.
Offer Valid: Jul 04, 15 - Jul 10, 15
July 11-17 - Celebrate the Joys of a Classic Beach Vacation Rates From:
$94 - $99
Relax in a lounge chair and watch the pelicans and seagulls fly by. Try out new float in the pool. Have a barbecue with your family by the ocean. Very Affordable Rooms are still available for your Summer Beach Getaway to the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Jul 11, 15 - Jul 17, 15
Fun Beach Vacations July 18-24 Rates From:
$88 - $121
Simply Relaxing and Fun. Charming and Affordable Tropical Manor Guestrooms and Studios for Fun Beach Getaways.
Offer Valid: Jul 18, 15 - Jul 24, 15
July 25-31 - Beach Bliss Rates From:
$88 - $132
Great Choice for Couples - Cute and Cozy Studios and Value Rooms with King Beds at Super Affordable Rates.
Offer Valid: Jul 25, 15 - Jul 31, 15
August 1-7 - Sandy Summer Smiles Rates From:
$80 - $123
You Can't Wait to Get Back to the Beach! Think of all the fun you will have building sandcastles on the beach, jumping in the waves, and taking a nap in the sun by our pool. Ahhh!
Offer Valid: Aug 01, 15 - Aug 07, 15
Get Away to the Beach Before Going Back to School Rates From:
$80 - $155
There's still time to enjoy a Family Vacation at the Beach this Summer! Incredible Selection of Family-Friendly Rooms at Very Affordable Rates.
Offer Valid: Aug 08, 15 - Aug 14, 15
Aug 15 - Sep 3 - Don't Let Summer Pass You By Rates From:
$80 - $286
There's Still Time for Your Trip to the Tropical Manor! Almost all your Favorite Rooms are available - or find a new favorite!
Offer Valid: Aug 15, 15 - Sep 03, 15
Celebrate Labor Day at the Tropical Manor Rates From:
$80 - $286
Enjoy one of Your Favorite Holidays and a Classic Beach Vacation at the Tropical Manor!
Offer Valid: Sep 04, 15 - Sep 07, 15
Money-Saving Fabulous Fall Rates Start Sept 8! Rates From:
$65 - $220
You've Been Waiting for FALL to arrive to Enjoy the Tropical Manor at a QUIETER TIme of the Year. Warm weather and Peaceful Serenity Awaits You. Take Time to Refresh and Rejuvenate at the Tropical Manor.
Offer Valid: Sep 08, 15 - Oct 14, 15
Biketoberfest October 15-17 Rates From:
$112 - $188
Enjoy the Excitement and Fun of Biketoberfest at the Tropical Manor! Close to the Action. Very Affordable Collection of Guestrooms for All Travel Budgets. Free Parking for 1 motorcycle and 1 20-foot trailer per guestroom reserved. Free High-Speed
Offer Valid: Oct 15, 15 - Oct 17, 15
Peaceful Beach Bliss October 18 - November 30 Rates From:
$65 - $220
Take Time for Yourself This Fall! A relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the beach will calm your mind and enliven your spirit. The simplicity and peacefulness of the Tropical Manor is just what you need.
Offer Valid: Oct 18, 15 - Nov 30, 15
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